Latest Indian Jewellery Additions – July 2018


The latest Indian jewellery additions to our collection

This month, we’re very excited to share with you our latest Indian jewellery additions to our collection. The peak of the summer wedding season is in full swing here in the UK. If you still need new jewellery for upcoming weddings and events, we have beautiful new pieces available. Discover the following in our latest Indian jewellery collection:

  • Stunning Indian choker necklace sets
  • Brand new polki jewellery sets
  • Elegant kundan jewellery sets
  • Summer statement earrings
  • Must-have tikka sets
  • In this post we take you through a few favourite pieces, recommendations & more. If you’d like to see all the new jewellery available, head over to our New In page to browse. For any questions regarding new stock, ordering, or anything else please get in touch.

    New Indian choker necklace sets

    Indian choker necklace sets are in high demand this year across the world and especially in the UK. They’re becoming increasingly popular not only for brides but for wedding guests too. With new and bold designs, the line between bridal and non-bridal becomes slightly more blurred. Factors such as the outfit and other accessories will determine if it crosses the line or not.

    To cater to the demand of bridal and non-bridal customers, we have introduced a wonderful range of choker necklace sets. Indian choker necklaces come in a range of styles for the choker area itself. Some chokers are fixed as one base. Others have several fixed parts joined together to allow some movement. And some are free flowing, where the whole choker is flexible, but when worn appears as one fixed piece. The new range of choker necklaces feature a mixture of choker styles to suit individual preferences.

    In the image below, you can see a range of Indian choker necklace sets. Some sets are accompanied with matching earrings, others have matching earrings and a tikka. These three chokers are some of our personal favourites. To shop these choker sets online, head over to either Necklace Sets page.

    New Kundan jewellery sets

    Next up is our beautiful range of kundan jewellery sets. Kundan jewellery is popular as ever in the UK, especially in the bridal world. Kundan is becoming increasingly popular amongst guests attending weddings – due to new and beautiful non-bridal styles. In our new kundan jewellery range, we have carefully selected kundan sets to meet the needs of all women. Including brides to be and those who are close relatives, or simply attending the event. We will cover kundan jewellery in more depth & detail in a kundan jewellery guide.

    Identifying kundan jewellery is a lot easier than identifying polki jewellery. Kundan jewellery is created in a specific way, all of the time. The easiest way to check if kundan jewellery is really kundan jewellery is to start with the stones. They should look mirror like, just as shown in the image below. The second way is that kundan jewellery is created by having individual casings made with the stone at the top and an enamel pattern filling the bottom. If you’re unsure whether a specific set is kundan, look from the side to see the casing, then look at the reverse to see the enamel work.

    Below, you can see the range of Kundan jewellery sets that have recently been added to our online store. The sets picked below are all lightweight and match with a variety of outfits. We really love that kundan jewellery tends to be timeless. So it saves always having to buy new kundan jewellery if you have just a few special sets! To shop these kundan sets online, simply head over to the Necklace Sets page.

    Statement Indian earrings for the summer

    Essentials for the UK summer wedding season are a pair of statement Indian earrings. Statement earrings come in a huge variety of styles and designs. Regardless of the event, a pair of stunning earrings is sometimes all the jewellery that’s needed to be worn. The added bonus with earrings is there is less fiddling with adjusting the earrings, compared with a necklace or tikka. In the summer heat the last thing you want to worry about is adjusting your necklaces and tikkas. With earrings, they are hassle and fuss free, letting you enjoy the day with no jewellery worries.

    Two new statement earrings in the collection can be seen below. Both are gold plated and differ in design. However, both feature faux pearls throughout which keep them in trend with the popularity of faux pearl jewellery this year. View these earrings and more by heading over to the Earrings page of our store.

    Two new tikka set styles

    Finally, two brand new tikka sets that are fit for all occasions and match with a variety of outfits. Overall, tikka sets are widely popular across different age groups. The availability of countless styles and designs allows there to literally be a tikka set to cater for any individual style.

    Both of the new tikka sets in our collection are mehndi plated and feature polki stones in their designs. As neutral sets, they will match with a variety of outfits and are suited for a range of occasions. One of the new styles showcases a chand (moon) design. The other style features a flower design with lots of mehndi coloured beads finishing the piece. You can see our two new tikka sets below. To shop the new additions, head over to the Tikka Sets page of our store.

    Where to shop the latest Indian jewellery online

    Shop and browse the latest Indian jewellery additions online at Devangi. Each time we have new stock and additions, they can be found on the new in page. With a high demand for the latest styles and designs, availability cannot be guaranteed for new stock showcased in this post. There is a high possibility that popular items will be restocked in the near future.

    For any questions regarding our latest Indian jewellery additions, orders or anything related to what’s available in our store, please get in touch.

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