Tikka Sets Guide


Tikka Sets Guide

Summer 2018 is here, meaning the wedding season is now in full swing! So far this year we’ve already seen more tikka sets than ever before being worn at all kinds of Asian events! The rising demand for this Indian head jewellery piece has encouraged our team to put together a tikka sets guide. In the guide our team covers all you need to know regarding the popular Indian jewellery item.

In the tikka sets guide discover:

  • What tikka sets are
  • Examples of tikka sets
  • What to outfits work best with tikka sets
  • Where to buy tikka sets
  • What is a Tikka Set?

    Two components are present in a tikka set; a tikka & matching earrings. Earrings are self explanatory and we should all know what earrings are! A tikka on the other hand is an item of Indian head jewellery. It’s a short chain with a pendant like design at the bottom. The tikka is worn by being clipped into the hair, so it sits comfortably on the forehead. In the next section you will be able to see a range of different tikka set designs.

    Just like all Indian jewellery, tikka sets are available in a wide variety of different styles and designs. Such as antique, designer, polki, kundan, cz & more. If one prefers smaller and simpler jewellery, there’s a tikka set to meet one’s needs. But if you love large and bold Indian jewellery there are plenty of stunning variations of tikkas.

    The rising popularity of tikka sets is due to their simple nature and large appeal to women who are seeking to avoid wearing too much jewellery with an outfit. Outfits such as lehengas tend to have a lot of embroidery on the top/blouse, therefore wearing a necklace isn’t suitable. This awards tikka sets to be the perfect jewellery piece to wear with outfits such as a lehenga. Nothing will clash or look over the top, an even balance between outfit and accessories will exist. Resulting in a beautiful & complete outfit.

    Examples of Tikka Sets

    Countless different styles of tikka sets are available, and it’s difficult to show every single style and design on the planet! Below, you can find examples of tikka sets that are available to buy in the Devangi Indian Jewellery online store.

    The tikkas shown above are all polki tikka sets and feature a mehndi plated based. It’s evident to see how the earrings and tikka always match in order to create a complete set. Other types of tikka set designs can include chand style and also jhumki style sets. View some of our available collection up close and in detail in our video, watch here.

    To keep up with the latest available styles and designs, be sure to follow our Instagram page @devangijewellery

    What to wear tikka sets with

    So far in this tikka sets guide we’ve covered what tikka sets are, along with some great examples! Now it’s time to delve into what they can be worn with.

    Earlier in the guide we touched on wearing a tikka set with a lehenga outfit as an example. The key point to always remember when deciding what Indian jewellery to pick is to pick jewellery for an outfit. And not pick an outfit for jewellery.

    Once you have your outfit, spend time thinking about what matches with the outfit. Carefully consider the amount of detail and embroidery the top or blouse for the outfit has. If there’s too much going on and it’s rather heavy towards the top, this is a great indicator to opt for a tikka set. However if the top is plain, a tikka set is still a good choice, but also consider a jewellery set which consists of a necklace, tikka and earrings.

    The ideal scenario to aim for is even balance between the clothing and the accessories, allowing both elements of the outfit to compliment one another.

    With the size of tikka sets varying from style to style, our team advises to be considerate of what hairstyle you have planned for the occasion. Some hairstyles may not suit a tikka as there may not be a place where the tikka can be clipped in. Having hair styled down will cover the earrings so it may not be noticeable a tikka set is being worn. Whereas having hair up allows the tikka and earrings to be comfortably on display.

    Another point worth considering is how much of the forehead will be covered by the tikka. For example, if a person with a small head wears a large tikka set, it will look very awkward and out of place.

    Where to buy Tikka Sets online

    Now we’ve reached the end of this tikka sets guide, you have all the information needed to start shopping for your first, or new tikka set for any upcoming occasions.

    The tikkas shown in the examples section of the guide can be found by visiting the tikka sets area on the Devangi online store. (subject to availability)

    As Indian jewellery enthusiasts, our aim is to regularly add new and beautiful styles and designs of tikka sets to our collection. So be sure to keep an eye out for new stock! For any questions regarding new stock or if you have a particular style you are seeking, please get in touch with a member of the Devangi Indian Jewellery team today.

    If you prefer shopping for Indian jewellery in person, your local Indian jewellery store should have a collection of tikka sets available to browse. In the meantime visit our tikka sets page to see our latest collection for some inspiration and ideas before you set off shopping!

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