Indian Earrings Guide


Indian Earrings Guide

Welcome to our very own Indian earrings guide. Indian earrings are our team’s favourite item of Indian jewellery, due to its ever changing styles & designs. It was only right to create a helpful Indian earrings guide to let our customers and readers learn about the growing landscape of Indian earrings.

Here’s a few areas covered in our Indian earrings guide:

  • What to wear Indian earrings with
  • Popular types of earrings
  • Where to buy Indian earrings
  • Firstly, let us define what we mean by Indian earrings. We view Indian earrings to be any type of earring that features a style, design or material which is derived from India, Indian culture and Indian heritage. It could be assumed that the earrings are only worn as part of an outfit for attending an Indian wedding or another cultural oriented event. However this isn’t true, Indian earrings can be worn as part of day to day life too. Obviously there are certain styles that are suited to a particular occasion, but other than that there are no barriers to where you should and should not wear these earrings.

    What to wear Indian earrings with

    The world is almost your oyster when it comes to deciding what to wear with Indian earrings. An important rule we go by and always advise our customers, is to pick jewellery based on the outfit. And not to pick an outfit based on the jewellery. Outfits can be full of embroidery and other similar materials found in jewellery, so wearing lots of jewellery with an outfit like that should be avoided. This presents the ideal opportunity to find a perfect pair of Indian earrings to match with a highly decorated outfit.

    When it comes to Indian outfits, it’s very odd to wear no jewellery at all, especially if the outfit is plain. At the very least a pair of earrings should be worn. Saying this, it’s becoming increasingly popular to see many women wear just a pair of large and beautiful earrings as part of their outfit.

    Asian media as well as the rise of heavily embroidered outfits contribute to this trend, and we have to admit it’s a trend we have a lot of time for. It’s noticeable that earrings have become larger and designs are more creative compared to traditional Indian earrings.

    Overall, it’s completely up to you and your individual style when deciding what earrings to wear with an outfit. Ensure the jewellery and clothing do not clash and nothing is over the top where it stands out to the point and visually doesn’t look right.

    Types of Indian earrings

    All of us have probably experienced a moment of feeling overwhelmed whilst exploring a collection of Indian earrings, whether in a physical store or online. The choice is beyond our imagination most of the time, making it difficult to pick a pair or two. If you can think of a type of earring, the chances they exist are likely!

    Just as with all Indian jewellery, earrings follow suit of the wide range of ‘options’ in style, design, material and the creation process. Different materials and stones also vary in price like necklaces other pieces of jewellery do. In the Indian costume jewellery world, earrings use artificial or imitation stones rather than authentic stones and materials. The majority of earrings you see have a gold plated base. Silver is popular as well as mehndi plated bases than are on the rise.

    In the next section of this Indian earrings guide, we explore several popular styles of earrings available today. The styles shown each vary in materials, base material, stones, designs and styles.

    Jhumki earrings

    Jhumki earrings are bell shape earrings or earrings that feature a bell within the design. This popular style is also known as jhumka which means the same thing. It’s safe to say that the majority of Indian jewellery lovers have a pair of jhumki earrings, whether they are individual pairs or as part of a jewellery set.

    From all of our teams experience and years within the jewellery industry, the variety of jhumki earrings we have come across is outstanding! Our favourite styles of jhumki have to be large single jhumki earrings which are finished with polki stones.

    Below you can find some beautiful jhumki earrings which are currently in stock in our online store (subject to availability). More styles and designs of jhumkis can be found by heading over to the Indian earrings area of our store.

    Learn more about jhumki earrings by taking a read of our Jhumki earrings guide here.

    Chandbali earrings

    Chandbali earrings are another popular choice for many Indian jewellery lovers. Chandbalis are earrings that feature moon shape crescents in the design and style of the earrings. These earrings can be found in a large variety of designs and styles just like jhumki earrings.

    In recent times, it’s becoming popular to see a fusion of jhumki and chandbali styles in one earring design. These particular earrings tend to be larger earrings and also see as a statement pair of earrings.

    As you can see from some of the chandbali earrings below, the variety of styles and designs can be endless. The earrings below can be seen in more detail by heading over to our earrings section of the website.

    Find out more about chandbali earrings by reading our dedicated chandbali earrings guide here.

    Jhumar earrings

    Many people relate to the jhumar as a headpiece/ ornament also known as a passa. However in recent times the jhumar design as been brought into earrings form. The designs of jhumar earrings can be identical to the headpiece version. Size for jhumar earrings also runs typical to the size of the headpiece, so if you’re a fan of large earrings why not try out jhumar earrings. On a few occasions our team has come across jhumar earrings that are a lot smaller in size but hold the same look and feel of a jhumar. However the smaller size earrings are more to source.

    Statement earrings

    In some cases the only jewellery that’s required is a pair of statement earrings. Whether it is a wedding, reception, mehndi night or another event, a pair of statement earrings is more than enough.

    Statement earrings can incorporate several different styles of Indian earrings or they can be unique and not follow a traditional style. You can see a few styles of statement earrings in the image below. The earrings shown can be viewed and purchased from our online store (subject to availability).

    Where to buy Indian earrings online

    The choice of Indian earrings available covers a huge spectrum of styles and designs. With so many earrings on the market, it’s quite easy to find a trusted retailer to purchase your latest pair of earrings. Whether you prefer shopping on the high-street or browsing online, finding the perfect pair of earrings is rather easy!

    In this Indian earrings guide plenty of earrings have been displayed and each of them are available to buy from our online store (subject to availability). Start browsing our collection by clicking here to visit the earrings are of our store. Feel free to watch one of our videos where you can see a collection of our Indian earrings up close and in detail, click here to watch.

    For any questions regarding Indian earrings or jewellery in general, please get in touch by heading over to our contact page. If you’re keen to learn more about other types of jewellery, why not check out of Indian costume jewellery guide?