Indian Faux Pearl Jewellery Guide


Indian Faux Pearl Jewellery Guide

Indian faux pearl jewellery is a popular style of Indian costume jewellery worn by wedding guests as well as brides. It seems as though every other piece of jewellery we see features a faux pearl somewhere in the design. With faux pearls being highly present in today’s Indian jewellery designs, our team thought it would be helpful to discuss all there is to know about faux pearls.

In this Indian faux pearl jewellery guide we’ll cover the following:

  • What faux pearls are
  • The rise of faux pearls in Indian jewellery
  • Examples of faux pearl Indian jewellery
  • Where to buy faux pearl Indian jewellery
  • Feel free to explore our online Indian jewellery store to view our Indian necklace sets, Indian earrings or tikka sets that showcase faux pearls.

    What are faux pearls?

    Faux pearls are pearls that are man-made to look and resemble real, authentic pearls. Faux pearls are also known and displayed as imitation or artificial pearls.

    Authentic pearls are expensive and difficult to source at scale to meet the needs of the Indian costume jewellery market. Pearl cultivation tends to exclusively take place in China. Therefore faux pearls are the perfect alternative to use within Indian jewellery designs. There will be luxury and certain bridal jewellery sets, such as Sabyasachi jewellery that will use authentic pearls throughout their different jewellery sets.

    Faux pearls are produced in several different ways. It’s important to understand how they’re made as the method of creation could have an impact on cost of the faux pearls. Below are the most common methods of how faux pearls are made.

    How faux pearls are created

    1) In the 16th century the Venetians learnt to create iridescent glass to create bottles. As well as creating bottles they blew bubbles of the glasses and filled them with wax. The end result being fake pearls.
    2) A French Parisian rosary maker developed a substance called “essence d’orient” also known as pearlessence. He realised when fish scales were in water they gave off a pearly substance which floated on the surface of the water. By mixing the iridescent with varnish, it resulted in creating essence d’orient. To then create the faux pearls, you would simply coat the inside of a glass bead with the essence d’orient and fill it with wax.
    3) In present time, glass or plastic beads are coated on the outside with essence d’orient or pearl powder. Depending on the pearl solution that is being used, the value of the faux pearls will vary.

    Majorica creates high quality beads for the luxury costume jewellery marketing. Other countries that produce faux pearls are mainly Czech and Chinese manufacturers who follow the dipping process. But also produce colours that are not found in nature.

    Now we have a good background of faux pearls and what they are, the next part of the guide will look into the rise of faux pearls within Indian jewellery.

    The rise of faux pearls in Indian jewellery

    There’s no doubt faux pearls are ever present in Indian jewellery designs. Whether it’s a necklace, earrings, tikka or any other type of jewellery, a faux pearl can usually be found in the item.

    Many jewellery pieces we see today have faux pearls as a final touch to the piece. For example with Indian earrings, it’s very common to see a dropped faux pearl at the bottom of the earring. Similar to a tikka, where a faux pearl would be dropped at the bottom of the tikka. Indian necklaces on the other hand tend have faux pearls incorporated more into the piece, and also feature more pearls compared to earrings and tikka sets. There are some great examples of faux pearl Indian jewellery in the next section below.

    Year after year, as fashion changes, it’s always interesting to see faux pearls remain in trend in one form or another. There never seems to be a phase where faux pearls or pearls in general, are completely left out of a season or trend. Maybe because pearls tend to go with Indian clothing and outfits so well that it simply cannot be forgotten or put to the side?

    The future of faux pearls in Indian jewellery is looking very healthy and promising. With the continuation of faux pearls being produced to high quality and lower costs, it’s clear that we will see many more new Indian jewellery designs that feature faux pearls. And let us not forget the consistent demand from us jewellery lovers who seek out and admire faux pearls.

    Examples of Indian faux pearl jewellery

    With all this talk of faux pearls, the time has come to show some beautiful examples of Indian faux pearl jewellery. All the pieces shown below are available to buy from the Devangi Indian Jewellery online shop (subject to availability). Let’s start with some faux pearl Indian necklace sets!

    Faux pearl Indian necklace sets

    The Indian necklace sets shown above feature faux pearls as part of the overall design. As you can see, faux pearls vary in size and style. There are some almost all white pearls and also some off white pearls that match more with the gold plated base. It’s common to see necklace sets having earrings which feature dropped pearls. When earrings in a necklace set don’t include faux pearls but the necklace does, overall it looks quite odd, as if it doesn’t match as a complete set.

    View these faux pearl necklace sets and more by heading over to our Indian necklace sets section of our online store.

    Faux pearl Indian earrings

    When it comes to faux pearl Indian earrings, nothing is left to the imagination to how faux pearls can be incorporated into an earring. The earrings shown above portray a snapshot of the beautiful variety of faux pearl Indian earrings. Whether it’s a jhumki or chandbali earring, faux pearls can be added to the design so easily. For us, what makes the earring work or not depends on the size of the faux pearls and how many are used. There always needs to be a balance between the stones, beads, pearls and other materials in any item of jewellery. Too much of one could limit the items true potential and desirability.

    See these faux pearl Indian earrings and more in the Indian earrings area of our online shop.

    Faux pearl tikka sets

    As with necklace sets and earrings, faux pearls are heavily featured throughout many styles of tikka sets. The tikka sets we’ve shown above are limited to featuring faux pearls dropped at the end of the earrings and tikka itself. This isn’t to say that all tikka sets with faux pearls are like this. You can find tikka sets which use faux pearls in lots of different ways.

    Browse our entire range of tikka sets by visiting the tikka sets area of our online store. The majority of the tikka sets we have feature faux pearls.

    Where to buy faux pearl Indian jewellery

    Any Indian jewellery store, physical or online, should have a range of faux pearl Indian jewellery available. It’s probably harder to find Indian jewellery without faux pearls than it is to find Indian jewellery with faux pearls. The Indian faux pearl jewellery we’ve shown in this post is available to purchase from our online shop (subject to availability).

    When shopping, if you come across a lot of fluctuation between prices of faux pearl jewellery, be sure to remember the different ways faux pearls are made. Certain processes are more refined, therefore the cost of the pearls will be higher. Indian bridal jewellery that features faux pearls, tend to use the more expensive faux pearls compared to general Indian costume jewellery.

    If you have any questions regarding Indian faux pearl jewellery, please get in touch with a member of the team by clicking here to visit the contact page. Feel free to visit our Indian jewellery store to browse our current collection of Indian costume jewellery.

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